Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Flower Pail

Howdy -

Today I am playing with a new image from Whimsy Stamps - Have you heard that Whimsy Stamps is now selling DoveArt Stamps? Oh my swoon over their images they are just so pretty! Today I colored "Flower Pail

Such a pretty image for a note card - I colored up with my copics (colors below) and then I decided to keep the card focused on the image and leave things simple. I used a kraft card stock base and the tore a piece of green core'dinations card stock for a mat.  Then for just a bit of embellishment I pulled out a favorite Whimsy product "Enamel Dots" Love the dots!

Copic colors used -

If you haven't had a chance to pop over and see all the DoveArt images at Whimsy here is a fast way to get over there.. HERE 

Have a blessed day!
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High Hopes Stamps - Herbie

Howdy -

How can you not fall for Herbie? He is just too cute loving on his blue ribbon chickens! 

Herbie is great!  I colored with my Copics (colors below) Now I needed a Thank you card and this was perfect. I found an older piece of paper from Cosmo Cricket in my stash, love double sided paper made to coordinate.. no thinking it works! I sewed down the layers onto a kraft card stock base and then matted Herbie with the same kraft card stock. My sentiment is simple but fun. "Thanks!" Then three heart shaped faux pearl pieces in the corner.

Copic colors used -

Hope you got a smile from Herbie today - You must hop on over to the High Hopes Stamps store and surf around and see all the great images. My first love was all the farm and country images - but there is that and so much more! Jump on HERE -

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Animal Crackers - Don't you hate when your beard blows in the wind?

Howdy -

Went out yesterday afternoon just as a little cool front was blowing in. And it was BLOWING! Crissy was enjoying the sun, but the wind blown beard was just a little much!

Lol... she was really enjoying the afternoon - She is such a sweet girl. Pretty too :0)

I had a little talk with Louise. You see I am starting to get excited about up coming babies. Louise will be a first time Mom "if" she is pregnant.

I think she is... as she is a loud talker as she goes into season. And since putting her in to breed she has been very quite... oh... fingers crossed!

Abigail is number 2 first time to be breed. Now I will say she is getting much fatter... but I don't like to judge on that subject.

She should have stunning babies. Just hoping she doesn't pass on her stand off personality. We will have to really work with kids of hers I know. But loving on baby goats is more fun than work!

Our last 1st time Mom to be bred this season is Olive Oyl. Now she is a sweetheart and she has such beautiful coloring so hoping babies will be the same. 

Olive Oyl is a bit of a "Daddy's Girl" and he always said he didn't know if he wanted to breed her as he wanted her to always be like a kid... but he thought about it and passing on all of her great traits was just too good to pass on. Oh... I am getting so excited about babies coming! Hope all three are bred and have lots of kids coming!

Love this look on Chloe's face while I was out enjoying all the goats... Afternoon snack and bed?

A bit of look of a grin like I caught her doing something bad... Ha! If you want to chill in hay while snacking - go for it girl!

Goats and their very limber necks always amaze me. Have an Itch? Flip backwards and take care of it!

And if you can't reach it Sandy girl.. those long glorious horns should help out too! Of all our goats. I think Sandy wins hands down for friendliest. She is almost too obnoxiously pushy friendly. But you just have to love her. Raised as a bottle baby - she is and always has been a very loving little girl. Just don't let her see you with a green soda bottle as I recycled one when feeding her and still today years after we stopped bottle feeding her she knows what that green bottle is for!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned - Chores around the farm for us. Hopefully Hubby can get his list all done, I am really wanted to start getting the goat pen cleaned up and ready for bouncing kids coming! I think I already say how excited I am about that haven't I?

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - American Cowthic

Howdy -

I am having so much fun pulling out some of my older favorite High Hopes Stamps. The stamp I used this week just always makes me giggle a bit...

American Cowthic - Love it! 

Seriously isn't it just one great image?? Love this cow couple! I colored with my copics (colors below) and then found a piece of bandana paper in my scraps. Seemed perfect to me. Matted on black card stock and then on a white card stock base. I sewed all the layers down and then added some Viva Decor Black Paper pen for some "dots" on the corners. Simple but it makes me happy..

Copic colors used -

Have you ever taken some time and just surfed all around the High Hopes Stamps Web site and seen all the fabulous images in their inventory? You will be amazed at just how many you fall in love with! Seriously so much fun!

Head over to the store HERE and have some fun!

Have a blessed day -and Happy Valentines Day!
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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Animal Crackers - A Bed of Hay?

Howdy -

Well I guess if you have the opportunity to snuggle in to a large bed of hay then why not?

Hubby was coming up our driveway and found what was left of the large donkeys bale of hay was being occupied by someone! Moxie had climbed into the bale ring and made herself quite comfortable don't you think?

She was so cute and so asleep she didn't even notice hubby there... well until he said her name...

That little grin.. is just too much. She was quite happy in her bed of hay. Such a sweet girl.

Now I have shown you Libbie in her bed many times... especially her new bed she got a couple of months ago. She loves that bed. We have one in the front of the house and a second in the bedroom so she can be comfortable and be near us... well the other morning I came down the hall and found a couple of boxes Hubby had left on the floor. And it looks like someone else found them as well.

Now the cat yes.. she loves laying on boxes. But now Libbie?? It doesn't look nearly as comfortable as her fancy cushioned bed. But well I guess she is happy she didn't move an inch when I asked why she was up there.

This photo popped up on my screen.. it is one I took a couple of weeks ago and didn't use. But when I saw it again I just kind of well... laughed out loud.

Irene.. she was asleep. Now we don't want to say that she is a little on the pudgy side... a bit lumpy? But well she is. LOL This photo and the angle of it well it really makes things look larger than they are. Or are they? Ok.. she is a heavy girl.

And we have a bit of a heavy boy here.. a BIG boy.

Our standard Teddy is a little on the chunky side too. Heck all my kids eat well what can I say - but it is all hay and grazing and no grain or treats.. well no treats very often :0)   But what can I say they are loved  -

And then we end up with Wyatt... why I guess he just wanted to stop and say hi and be the last photo of the day!

Handsome guy even if he smells a bit.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend - enjoy some furry or feathered friends.
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Friday, February 9, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Hedgie Love Bouquet

Howdy -

Another sweet Valentine image! Today's image is from the new release at Whimsy Stamps.
 Hedgie Love Bouquet... by Krista Heij-Barber

This image comes with the word "Love" to use with it! Don't you just LOVE that! I colored with my Copics and then found some papers from First Edition Spring Drop collection. Love these papers have a sparkle to them. I sewed down the layers with my sewing machine on zig zag stitch and the attached to a kraft card stock base.

Copic colors used - 

To see all of Whimsy Stamps new stamps hop on over to the Whimsy store HERE... you will LOVE what you see!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Froggy Gift Valentine

Howdy -

If you ask me what was the first High Hopes Stamp  you purchased.... I ordered a few in my very first order many many years ago. This was in that first order and is one of my all time favorites. I just adore it! Always makes me smile and it is the PERFECT Valentine image!

Froggy Gift 

Fabulous right? I just giggle when I pull this one out to work with it.  I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then I went to pull papers I happened to have the scrap from the piece I used last week from My Minds Eye and it just looked too good to not use it. I also decided to keep it as a CAS Clean and Simple card. Normally I stack up lots of layers with it, and it just felt right as a CAS today. I used a zig zag stitch and attached it all to a kraft card stock base. Three small buttons in the corner and just felt good. I don't say that too often when doing a CAS card.

Copics used -

Just a perfect card for that special someone on Valentines day. It kind of reminds me of one of those images from a Valentine when I was a kid. Now that would be called a Vintage Valentine... Not quite an antique yet.

Hope you have a blessed day -
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