Saturday, December 9, 2017

Animal Crackers - SNOW???

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Now for this weeks Animal Crackers I need to explain to those not in or from South Texas. IT DOESN'T SNOW IN SOUTH TEXAS. Ok well it has snowed here… last time measurable snow that was in my lifetime… 1985!! So when it snows you see it in the sky it hits the ground and melts. So when it started snowing just after dark Thursday night we were on the back porch watching and enjoying… then we realized it was getting harder and actually starting to pile up in a few places. Suddenly video's all over Facebook of people in Texas going nuts making snowmen and snow angels!

Hubby and I got up just before the sun came up on Friday so we could get some photographs before it melted. And boy did it melt quick.. by mid morning everything was soggy wet and the pretty white stuff was pretty much gone, other than a few shady places. But hey we got over 2 inches here and that was enough to totally confuse some animals that had no idea what was going on.

Ellie Mae was watching everyone else to make sure this was safe to be out in. My kids understand rain, understand cold… but this white stuff.. well this just doesn't not make any sense.

Juliet, Gabby and Jolene were walking slowly and cautiously… and lets stay on these paths just in case!

Tried get a photo of Black Jack as he was running and hee hawing like crazy to let everyone know his bachelors pad was covered in this white stuff too!!

Wyatt and Spartacus now live in the men's goat pen out in front.

This is the look saying.. can we move back to our old pen as the ground wasn't  and cold there last time we were there!!! sorry boys same conditions there and right now that pen is Doc's.. and he has ladies in there!

The chicken coop was pretty..

All those chickens were taking full advantage of those heat lamps! And after a few more photos I am heading in to the heat as well!!

The men's Donkey pen in the front pasture… gorgeous!

Now a few of the guys were at their bale of hay stocking up some food to build up some warmth. Then if you look close you can see a couple of other guys decided it was safest to stay in their hut… just in case!

Now this is horrible blurry photograph, but it was too cute to not share. Thursday night while it was snowing we let out the dogs… Libbie went to the edge of the porch and said I may be blind but there is no way I am going out there… Chica ran out did her business as fast as possible and ran back up to the porch! Autie… this boy was having some fun! Running around and trying to figure out what this stuff is and where all the grass went!

 Each time we let him out while the snow was still here he would check out the entire yard and we had to force him come back in. Think my boy was enjoying this odd white stuff!

Ok.. one more photo - was too pretty. This is our road from our gate going towards the house.

 Feet are frozen at this point… I walked down this road and headed back to the house and warmth! Brrrr… Funny… Monday it was in the mid 80's here… snow Thursday night and now by the weekend it is suppose to be back up in high 60's! Texas for ya!

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Winter Kitty

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Today I am showing off a new image at High Hopes Stamps - how can you not fall in love with a Winter Kitty in a hat and scarf?

I just love this image! Matches up well with the Winter Puppy I used a few days back. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then used LOTS of Viva Decor Sparkle pen. Has so much bling to it! My papers are from My Minds Eye Laundry Line collection. I love using non traditional colors with Christmas cards! So refreshing. And these papers have a glitter to them as well... love that! I sewed the layers down with a zig zag stitch along with some Core'dinations card stock. I punched out a EK Success tag punch and layered the sentiment "Meowy Christmas!" from High Hopes... such a perfect sentiment!!!

Copic colors used -

Hope you got a smile from my little Winter Kitty Christmas Card. Pop over and see all the newest images at High Hopes Stamps HERE 

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - December Release - Gecko Love

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A second day for me showing off the Whimsy Stamps December Release! And how can you not show off a Gecko in Love!! This is "Gecko Love" -

Now this little Gecko seemed to have a romantic side to him, so I added some frills to my card. I colored with my Copics and then cut out with Spellbinder Nesties. I found some romantic papers from Dove Craft's Sweet Paris collection. I matched up with some cream colored card stock and lots of die cuts. Some wonderful older retired corner dies, then one of my favorite Whimsy Stamps die "Doodled Doily Die" (and this one is on sale big time right now!!  Then I love the "LOVE Scripted" die from Whimsy Stamps!  Such a pretty die!

Here are my copic colors used -

Now don't forget the new stamps are available on the 7th! So to see the blog and all the inspiration sneak peeks HERE and then shop shop shop at the Whimsy Store HERE

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - December Release - Bunny Love

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New Release is going on at Whimsy Stamps! The first 6 days of December we are showing off the new images and then on the 7th... Everything will be live on the Whimsy Stamps Web Site to order! And you are going to want to pop on and order cuz these are going to be very popular!

My first card with the new release is "Bunny Love" - How cute is this image??

Colored with Copics and matched up to pretty floral papers from Wild Rose Studio's Poet's Kitchen collection. I love the purples - and matching it up with green card stock is a favorite. I sewed down the layers and then found a green and purple gingham ribbon that I tied in a simple bow. For my sentiment I used Whimsy Stamps word die "Smiles" from the "Smiles, Happy and Celebrate" set. I adore word dies!!

My copic colors used -

Make sure to visit the Whimsy Stamps blog HERE to see all the new images and then on the 7th - make sure to pop over to the Whimsy Stamps Store HERE to fill your cart!

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Animal Crackers - Big Brown Eyes just melt my Heart

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Well last week the three standard Donkeys finally talked "Dad" into a large round bale of hay of their very own. You see we try and get everyone to graze as much as they can. Healthier for them and the more they graze the less costly hay they consume. The ladies in the back are now getting their round bale every 8-9 days.. men in the front pasture... well they are slower at chowing down their 1st bale. So last week Hubby went off with the trailer to pick up two huge round bales. We had thought about putting in a different pen, but when one bale got left on the trailer overnight... well the three standards were having an all you can eat buffet the next morning. There really isn't too much for grazing here now. The lack of rain has not cooperated with the warmer fall weather here to keep things growing. So since these three standard or three stooges.. have us wrapped around their hooves. They ended up scoring a bale of their very own. All to themselves to enjoy, and besides how could you take it away from this face?

Seriously.. look at those eyes! Those big brown eyes just melt my heart. A grown up man.. this boy is the biggest baby of all times. When he gets lost from his Momma Cocoa and buddy Ted he just totally falls apart and the ground shakes with him running and screaming to find them. 99% of the time they are hiding in the brush watching and snickering at the poor guy. He is such a love!

Now I tried to get his Momma Cocoa to look over for a face shot of her and her big bale of hay... but nope. All I got was a munching sound and I swear I could hear her say "Mom... no time for a camera now, chomp chomp... I have to eat this bale of hay while I still have it!" Can't believe how Gray her face is turning.....

It will take them a little time to realize that "Dad" isn't going to take it away from them. Usually they steal a few bites while it is on the trailer and then it is placed in a pen away from them. But this bale is all theirs! 

Now I did have a talking to Teddy...

If he doesn't start eating from the top and different locations it is going to fall over on him! He is cute... but not too smart!

Lizzie was enjoying the sunset and a very full belly herself. The weather has been so warm here lately and well beautiful for this time of year that everyone has been out in it and eating more.

Lizzie was stretched out just chillin' and enjoying the evening. LOL

Found Momma Cat sitting out as well... all though I think she honestly had just gotten up from one of those famous afternoon cat naps.

She wants so bad to have some head scratching. She has gotten so good and staying still and not running off when I come up to their cat house. But the moment you open up the door to come in bam! She is off to other end of the pen. One day Momma... maybe you will let me rub you. Rescue kitties have trust issues you know.

How funny is this guy?

Turned away from the cathouse and found Sergio frantically trying to get my attention. Love this shot, with the bars of the fence holding his ears down he has that Mohawk look! But don't let him hear you make fun of him... nope this "Man" is all stud! LOL But he will always be my little orphan bottle baby!

Then I see Moxie... you see I told her to be patient that I would get her dinner as soon as I got photographs taken...

You see patient is not a word this little ball of energy knows at all! I was so surprised to see her being so still down like that. Of course as soon as I said her name and asked her if she was ready for me to heat up some left over turkey for her... ZAP a streak of lightning she was running a million miles an hour all over everywhere! This girl loves her Thanksgiving turkey! I made sure to freeze up a few little baggies for her to enjoy for a while as I do not make giant Turkeys that often. And it is a favorite of hers! And yes... Moxie is loved and spoiled!

Hope you got a smile this week and enjoyed a few photos of my fur babies.
Have a wonderfully blessed weekend -
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Friday, December 1, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - December Challenge

Howdy -

It is December 1st! Wow... it is December 1st... ok back to business. It is the 1st of the month and that is the High Hopes Stamps Challenge at the Blog. HERE and for the challenge this month it is a Christmas Winter Fun Challenge. I decided to have a little fun with the Tall Country Snowman

I adore the country feel of this image! And I love all the little details in this image. I colored with my Copics, and then found some scrap papers from Paper Studio Christmas papers, A little different color combo but it feels so country and winter at the same time. I sewed down the layers and added the High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Warm Winter Wishes"  A few red buttons for a little embellishment and all done. Again.. love the country feel to it.

Here are the Copic colors used -

A fun challenge at High Hopes stamps - make sure to pop over HERE and join in! you could win a little more HH fun!

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Snow Couple Block

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This week for High Hopes Stamps I got ahead on a few Christmas Gift Tags with a folding notecard. Using Snow Couple Block I colored with my Copics

I love making these little gift note cards - personal touch on a gift. And there are a few more of these great blocks to make an assortment of little cards for your Christmas packages. I colored with Copics, then added some scraps of paper in light blue and red on a white card stock base.  A little Viva Decor Glitter pen and then the High Hopes Sentiment "Think Snow"

Copic colors used -

Love the winter image at High Hopes Stamps - You can find all kinds of fun at the website store - HERE 

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
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